Welcome to the Happy Mealworms website. Mealworms are a great source of nutrition for bluebirds and many reptile and amphibian pets. Happy Mealworms are raised in the USA. 

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  Happy Mealworms

 General Care



  General Care:

   1. Keep mealworms refrigerated, optimally between 42 and 50 degrees F.

   2. Remove from refrigerator once per week, allow to warm up to room temp.

   3. Add some thin slices of carrot or other vegetable or fruit (they like apples)

          or a piece of moistened bread to their container so they can have a snack

          and get some moisture.

   4. After 5 or 6 hours, remove any uneaten fruit, vegetable or bread and put

          mealworm container back in refrigerator.

    5. If the mealworms are too crowded in their shipping container, place them

          into a bigger plastic container with many little holes in the lid or, if the

          container is at least 2 inches higher than the level of the mealworms and 

          bedding, you can do without a lid. Add some more wheat bran or other

          grain product to the container. 

    Other info:

   1. Mealworms will keep in the refrigerator for several weeks to several months,

          depending on the temperature and whether they stay fed and hydrated.

   2. Mealworms will shed their skin several times and then transform into pupae

          and then into beetles as they age, with warmer temperatures causing

          a faster transition. (This is why you must refrigerate them.)

   3. Mealworms eat wheat bran and other grain products, like 50 - 70% humidity,

          an occasional piece of fruit or vegetable, and can be raised at home in a big bin.

    Ordering info:


   Contact Rob at: sales@happymealworms.com 
* * * Currently limited supplies available * * *

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